Jekyll, Javascript and JQuery! Oh My!

This isn’t my first time blogging. Well... it is actually the first time i have put something online. I have written WordPress articles (which i am sure i will include at some point as we get further down the rabbit hole that is coding). I just never thought they were finished enough for other people to read them. So with this blog i am just going to throw any old thing up that seems like i might want to reflect on it later.

Now that my long rant is over let’s get into the heart of this topic. A week and a half has passed while i have been attending the Nashville Software School.Really it feels more like three months (in the best possible way though). Although i had a fairly good knowledge of front end development coming into the course i never imagined i would learn so much within only the first two weeks.

Let’s jump right in to what we have touched on so far:
- Javascript
- Jekyll
- Vim
- Cmder
- Github
- Git

Now that is a lot to tackle in one week.

By providing a simple breakdown of the development tools and languages we learn in class i hope to provide fellow newbie developers a basic starting point on each one. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to take 6 months out of my life to immerse myself in code. For those learning by themselves, Bravo! Hopefully this blog will help you in your programming endeavers.

It’s a great and exciting world both on and off the computer. How lucky are we to experience both.